[ June 17th, 2021 ] - News

Pour une balade en Bourgogne personnalisée, découvrez notre partenaire “Tabalise”

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Créez votre itinéraire personnalisé et voyagez dans votre région en toute simplicité.
Que faire en Bourgogne du sud ? Ce week-end ou pendant les vacances ?
On vous répond !
Tabalise : La nouvelle forme du voyage


[ June 17th, 2021 ] - News

Découvrez la Bourgogne avec la Route 71 à travers de différentes étapes à vélo

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Rendez-vous sur le site internet pour plus d’information https://www.destination-saone-et-loire.fr/fr’’


[ June 11th, 2021 ] - News

NEW : Fast-charging stations are installed!

Borne voiture électrique

Our fast-charging stations are installed, available on reservation, for your hybrid or electric !


[ May 29th, 2020 ] - News

Morphee, the unique sleep experience

Découvrez Morphée à l'hotel d'Europe et d'Angleterre de Mâcon

Morphée allows you to fall asleep more easily, faster and to benefit from a deep and restful sleep. The meditation and sophrology sessions were created by sleep professionals.

The sessions should be listen in bed, at bedtime, or when waking up at night. They can be selected using the booklet or randomly. The sessions with the female voice are different from those with the male voice. The 8 and 20 minute sessions are also different.

Morphée contains 7 themes:

Body (body scan, slows the flow of thoughts and gradually breathes each part of the body)
Breathing (helps calm the mind to cut off the day and fall asleep more peacefully)
Movements (pay attention to your sensations and release any tensions that you had accumulated)
Travel (disconnecting by imagining pleasant and peaceful situations)
Rhythmic meditation (cardiac coherence, relax the body and gradually accompany you to sleep)
Naps (4 minutes of relaxation followed by 8 to 20 minutes of silence)
Sounds of nature (recordings that allow you to be completely immersed)

Book it in advance for your next stay (9€)

Découvrez Morphée à l'hotel d'Europe et d'Angleterre de Mâcon


[ August 30th, 2019 ] - News

New this summer, the Passcast are installed!

Now, easily stream everything you love on your TV. Whether it’s movies, Netflix, Youtube, photos, websites and other content on YouTube, Google Play and Chrome.


[ April 10th, 2019 ] - News

Discovery of the Saône aboard the Fantasy-Evasion

The company ATFH offers you; a discovery of the Saône, with pilots and comments
And with or without a driver’s license, become your own captain during a ride ..

Departures from the Plaisance river stop in Montmerle-sur-Saône.

All your information and prices on atfh.fr


[ December 12th, 2018 ] - News

A four star Hotel

Since October 1st, we are a four star Hotel. Do not hesitate to (re) discover it.



[ September 7th, 2018 ] - News

A new certificater for our jam supplier

On August 19, 2018, Annie Vaffier, our jam maker, has just won a silver medal at the World Championship of Jams, with Strawberry and lemon of Corsica.

To find out more, lejsl.com


[ November 21st, 2017 ] - News

Annie Vaffier, our exclusive jams producer.

Annie Vaffier, our exclusive jams producer, just won the title of Best Jam Maker of France in 2017. Do not hesitate to discover these products for sale and on our breakfast buffet.

To find out more, lejsl.com


[ February 24th, 2015 ] - News, Press Review

Nos offres spéciales :

Cet hiver au Best Western d’Europe et d’Angleterre … en savoir plus

 Mâcon tout en douceur  (lire l’article de Femme Actuelle en PDF)


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